Motor insurance

With over 40 years of expertise in Europe, our teams work with the automotive industry to come up with solutions to respond to their strategic objectives and industry developments.


Our warranties and extended warranties for new and used vehicles, which can be rolled out across Europe, benefit from on-the-ground support and the best technological solutions.


As a specialist in damage cover for manufacturers, distributors and finance companies, our products are designed to retain your customers at all stages of the value chain.


As a leading name in finance insurance in Europe, with expertise in designing products specific to each market and partner, our products are suited to all forms of finance and new lease types.

Add-ons & mini products

A wide range of solutions to make you stand out, including damage waiver, money-back guarantee, tyre cover, loyalty bonus, family event cover, vehicle contents cover, green packs and more.

All types of vehicle

Our solutions are available for cars, motorcycles, light commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, agricultural machinery, construction machinery and more, for all energy types.

Capital & consumer goods

We offer a wide range of embedded insurance products that blend seamlessly into the consumer buying process.


We protect mobile phones, laptops, games consoles, cameras and more against damage, theft, loss and breakdown (extended warranty).


We protect all household equipment, small and large domestic appliances, audio and visual, computers, DIY equipment and more against breakdown (extended warranty) or damage.



We protect bicycles, electric bikes, electric scooters and other personal mobility devices against theft, accidental damage and breakdown.


We cover all equipment needed for business activity (copiers, medical equipment, IT equipment) against accidental damage and breakdown.


We insure glasses and hearing aids against loss and theft.

Insurance solutions to support your strategy.

We understand the challenges facing your business.

Whether you want to retain your customers, optimise revenues, increase the value of your products and services or all of the above, we help you to come up with a customised insurance programme to meet your needs.


We give you the keys

You have transparent access to information about underwriting, claims and technical income to help you to optimise your sales and revenues.


Straightforward, flexible and bespoke solutions

Whether you are looking for basic or premium cover, our products are always easy to understand, simple to sell and meet the highest market standards.

Quick to adopt

You have a choice of off-the-shelf products if you are aiming for an ultra-swift rollout, or a tailor-made programme that can be implemented in a few weeks.

The keys to a successful insurance programme.

Plug and play integration

In most cases, you can benefit from a plug and play integration solution (no need for development on your part). If necessary, we develop the most suitable technology for you.

Embedded insurance

Whether selling online, through points of sale, or both, we know how to create a fluid and straightforward customer experience that forms an integral part of buying your product or service.

360° solution

With our service and tech partners, we cover the entire value chain, including underwriting, incoming/outgoing calls, claims handling, payments and reimbursement.

International rollout

With operations in 12 countries, we can roll out your insurance programme in 32 European countries, thanks to our international legal experts and local management partners.